My Tribute

The Ugandan Asian Expulsion of 1972 is the story of 80,000 Asians who were given 90 days to leave their homes. The story of my family, of my grandparents. This is the story and the reason behind why I am here today, privileged and honoured to be able to capture this moment in time. It is a dark history full of prejudice and injustice, but also one full of hope, tenacity and perseverance. Through interviews, research and inherited knowledge, I hope to contextualise the scope of this movement of my ancestors and to portray the complexity of their world in a wide range of colours.

Would you like to contribute to the story?

Please get in touch if you would like to share your family’s experience of Uganda and the Asian Expulsion of 1972.

Stories, photos and interviews are welcome and uploaded on a rolling basis.

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